District Event – Announcement

Coming up on Wednesday November 19th the district is have a Referendum Showcase to show off all the work that has been done in the district.  To find out more, click here!

The historic Roosevelt Middle School, located in the heart of Appleton, continues to serve the youth of the community. This building has seen some dramatic changes over the past 88 years. The one constant has been the young adolescent students who continue to use Roosevelt Middle School as a springboard to their high school and post-high school lives.

To find out more about Roosevelt Middle School and what is currently going on in our classes browse the rest of our website.  We also have tours coming up for new families to come tour Roosevelt and find out more about what we offer.  You can view the dates and times below.  If you have any questions call our office at (920) 832-6264.

Date                      Time                     Locationtour2
Dec. 8                    1:30 p.m.*           Room 116
Dec. 9                    6:30 p.m.             Room 116
Dec. 16                10:30 a.m.*         Room 130
Jan. 9                    8:30 a.m.*           Commons
Jan. 12                  2:00 p.m.*           Room 116
Jan. 15                  6:00 p.m.             Commons
*Indicates a time when classes are in session.